Ye Olden Days

Bob Evans Music     


Bob Evans is a self-taught guitar player who has been playing the guitar
for as long as he can remember!  He was originally from Folkestone,
Kent in England, but now lives in Sussex.  He plays various styles, which
includes slide guitar, blues, rock and country.  Bob recalls, "making
music always seemed to be in my blood ".  He admits to being addicted to
the guitar and making music.

Today he mainly writes and performs his own material.  He likes song
collaboration. He finds it
satisfying to put a good tune to a lyric.  In
addition, he finds it interesting when playing music with other
musicians, bouncing ideas and learning new guitar rifts and techniques.
Bob is always willing to join in
the making of music and is always
interested in new ideas and lyrics.

He owns a number of guitars that he uses for recording his music,
depending on the music style. He also plays the bass guitar and drums;
a skill obtained as a result of playing in different bands and he has a
good appreciation of vocal harmony.

Musical influences have been many.  In the beginning, it was straight Rock
and Roll Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly and then
of course the Beatles.  George Harrisons Guitar playing always inspired Bob.
Those little guitar rifts always seemed to be trickier to play than they actually
sounded!  Bob has always been a Blues fan, greatly influenced by such artists
as BB King, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix to name but a few.