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Latest Single! - Reach For My Tears


 Please listen to my latest Single, 'Reach For My Tears'.  Just click on any of the following Links to listen:   Spotify,   Apple MusicCDBaby  and   YouTube .

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Latest Album! - Free To Fly


Please try my latest Album, which is available from CDBaby.  The album is also available as a download via CDBaby & iTunes.

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Album - See the Light
Album - I Wanna be Everywhere
If you're into guitar music - acoustic electric and slide guitar  then you'll
love this CD.  A collection of blues rock and pop songs with guitar and vocals.
Highly recommended!ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

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If you like variety, then this album is for  you.  Blues rock, ballads, harmony, guitar and more...  It's all there!
  Just listen and you will love it.

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Album - Crying in my Sleep
Double Album - Ride the Train
A collection of music that has come about as a result of song collaborations.  There is a variation of styles.  Genres include pop, blues rock, country and more..


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Ride the Train Series #19 & #20 are available as a 2 CD set. The CD has 
songs by various artists.  Thanks to John
Newbraugh, at NBT Records, for
including my song called 'Gonna Ride This Train on the compilation.
The lyrics are by Joyce Thompson.  cs ffff are    fffffffffffffffffffffffff y Joyce  Thompson. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhg                              
Tracks Listing Info
44 Tracks on 2CDs   Available from NBT Records