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Free Music

by Singer Songwriter Bob Evans

Listed below are a number of my songs, which you can listen to for FREE. These tracks are special and are not listed on any of my current albums. CLICK on the song's Player link in order to hear the track and see what you think.

My Albums 'Free To Fly', 'See the Light', 'I Wanna be Everywhere' and 'Crying in my Sleep' are available for you to buy through this Website. Click 'Albums' on the menu bar for information.
Heaven and Beauty
Bob Evans
Nothing Less Than a Miracle
Joyce Thompson/Bob Evans
We Want Fame
Lars Carlson/Bob Evans
Everything I Need
Roger Penkethman/Bob Evans
Sweet Woman
Bob Evans
Derek Goodwin/Bob Evans
You Got Nothing To Lose
Lars Carlsson/Bob Evans
It's Been A While
Ken Mood/Bob Evans

For more Free music, please watch the video, 'Crying in my Sleep'.

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